Rozen Child is a singer-song writer from London. Raised on Motown and RnB, he added soul and Jazz to his repertoire.

From Jazz, to Soul to Funk Rozen has sung all around the world and continues to share his unique and intimate style of music.

Corporate Events

It’s energy, it’s vibe, it makes your event come alive. Enter the corporate zone and see what Rozen can do for your event

Original Music

Come check out Rozen’s Pen to paper to voice to ear. Songs, Music Videos, Collaborations and of course GIGS!!

Intimate Nights

Rozen loves an intimate performance, invites you to have a look his previous home invasions. Click here to find out all about it

Latest News


 The Single

Rozen Child Releases his Single “Happy”


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Latest Events

Rozen & Friends

Rozen Live


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